My entrance into the consulting world was initially more happenstance than planned when I moved to Miami after seven years working for an international nonprofit in Washington, DC called ISAR (for more information check out I wasn’t sure what my next career move would be and I decided to try working on a freelance basis using my background in program development, management and facilitation. I decided to make it a more or less official endeavor, registering an LLC called “AHG Consulting.” When I moved back to the DC area in 2007, I decided to register my LLC in Virginia, but this time, with a new name, “Blue Green Consulting,” since it turns out that there are some other AHG Consulting groups out there (who, by the way, have nothing to do with organizational development, nonprofit management or the environment).

Why “Blue Green”?
In naming the LLC, I wanted something simple, but slightly unusual that would incorporate the issues that are important to me and the kind of services I want to provide. According to Wikipedia, the ability of blue-green algae (known more scientifically as cyanobacteria) “to perform oxygenic (plant-like) photosynthesis is thought to have converted the early reducing atmosphere into an oxidizing one, which dramatically changed the life forms on Earth and provoked an explosion of biodiversity.” That is the ideal I am striving for when it comes to working with nonprofit organizations as well as government agencies and private enterprises. My goal, the goal of Blue Green Consulting LLC, is to help people and organizations achieve their potentials and effect dramatic change. As it was with blue-green algae, effecting change on a large scale can begin with small actions. Blue Green Consulting LLC is committed to making a difference, one person and one organization at a time.

How Can Blue Green Consulting Help You?
Areas of expertise:
Organizational Management
Project Development, Implementation and Evaluation
Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making

See my resume for more detailed information about my background and experience.


2 Responses to “About Blue Green Consulting”

  1. I have always found you oxidizing, but never quite understood why. Now all is clear. Nice look here.

  2. Gigi Claire said

    I found you while researching for “green” cleaning products and “green” packaging, and I’m hoping you can connect me to a few good sources. I’m looking for the most earth friendly “green” cleaning wipe cloths, sponges, and othe products for household cleaning, cars, pets,etc. I also need an earth friendly package, either corn based or anything that is either post-consumer recycled or another good earth choice. Can you help me or direct me to someone who can. Also, I may need consulting services as well. Thank you.

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